About the Book


In this classic love story told in poetry, author Jamel Gross takes readers to the Dark Ages with his verses.

From a man who enjoys life, a good book, and everything positive in this world, comes a compelling anthology of poems that speak of the classic tale of love. In “A Knight Without His Lovers”, author Jamel Gross compels readers to open their hearts and feel the expressions of love – and love lost – through the verses of his poems.

In this compilation of poetries, readers will experience falling in love all over again. The author hopes to evoke that feeling by talking about the Dark Ages, in that time to love and not to love and to love again. And that classic love story is overflowing in this poetry collection.



Can a Life of Crime Change?

When a person is trapped in a world where crime is the norm, it’s unlikely for him to ever get out unscathed and take a different path. But is there hope – and a chance – for him to live a new life? Readers will find out as author Jamel Gross’s fictional novel, “Exit Lives”, introduces the powerful character of Leather and his life of crime.

In this horror fiction, the story follows a deranged man named Leather who commits lots of crimes and soon became clueless to these crimes. He only knew and understood his world of crime.

Fatefully, his world would turn upside down when an unexpected thing happens to his life. Whatever this incident is, it would be the trigger that spirals his life to a different direction. “Exit Lives” gives readers a look at life through both sides of the coin.